NA-KD - fav item of the season

Updated: Feb 11

NA-KD is one of the hottest online brands bringing the best in fashion and accessories from around the world. NA-KD is one of Europe's top 20 fastest growing companies, breaking new records every month and showcasing itself as one of the world´s leaders in fashion.

I am so happy to say I am the brand ambassador for them and when I started trying their products, I was instantly hooked. Their quality is simply the best and of course so trendy and something you can wear and stand out easily.

I want to share one of my fav sweaters this season. Click the link and get this directly on their site.

This sweater features a classic collar with a V-neck, long sleeves, a striped design, and slightly oversized fits. This product is made from certified, more sustainable materials which are amazing because anytime I can get a chance to use the sustainable product, I jump on it.

Materials: 50% Organic cotton, 50% Acrylic.

You can follow them for trendy fashion inspo at @nakdfashion and do check their site for amazing collection!

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