How To Spice Up Your Relationship ;)

When you are in a relationship you do spend ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DAY with your significant others. I have been married for 3 years and I am not saying my marriage is perfect but... it is definitely not boring lol. Throughout this journey, we did learn a lot about ourselves and marriage. Sometimes things might get a little boring because it will start feeling repetitive because usually, you two are doing almost the same thing every day. I am not gonna sugarcoat but I felt that too in all honesty. However, I will share some stuff that will help your relationship to be exciting, fun, and to be more in love.

  1. Go on Dates!

Dates are so important and I can't stress this out enough. Instead of staying home and watching movies all day, go out! Go for a movie or to play some games, go for a coffee, go on a long walk or hike.. whatever it is but try to do something outside. You can also so on a fancy dinner and get all dressed up. I love when my husband tells me "Hey! wear something cute I have a plan." Oh that sentence is my favorite lol

2. Have Sex more often!

You don't have to gasp reading this. It's OKAY. It is 2022 and we don't have to make a big deal about talking or reading about sex. This is so important because usually relationship starts with amazing sex and maybe a ton of it and it slows down or it feels repetitive but that doesn't mean you will stop. It is a wonderful feeling to feel loved and physical intimacy is very important. Many couples do break up or get divorced for this one reason is they stop having sex. If it is getting boring SPICE it up! download some apps like Spicer, and Sex Actions... there are many free apps there that can be fun or try something new and different. Send some sexy pictures and wait for your partner to be all excited to come home to you. These are some examples but do what you are comfortable with and don't be selfish. Always remember to be pleased and also to please ;)

3. Go on a Vacation.

Life happens and I know it's not easy to just go somewhere. You need to have time off from work or school, you need to worry about budget and whatnot. However, vacation is key. We all work so hard and sometimes it might be too much for you and you are TIRED. You should take a few days off. Can't afford it? save some money, take some extra shift whatever it may take and it does not have to be a crazy expensive trip. Go on a road trip or fly somewhere super close but just having a few days away from home with your partner might just be a secret you needed that you never thought of.

4. Play Games

It might sound lame but playing some q/a games or some random quiz with each other, is a fun way to earn more about one another. I have been married for 3 years and I still don't know everything about my husband and it's always so interesting to find out something new about them.

5. Buy Gifts

It does not matter if it is cheap or expensive. Even if it is ONE flower it is special. Go and grab something small and sweet randomly to make your partner feel special. We all need to learn our love language and if your partner's love language is a gift then you gotta do small gestures a lot. Learning a love language is very important so try to find that about your partner.

I hope you and your loved ones are super happy and hope these tips help if you needed a little extra idea ;)

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